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Achiezer's Annual Tribute Dinner
January 21, 2016

Each year, the entire Five Towns and Far Rockaway community joins together to attend Achiezer's annual dinner. An evening of energy, excitement, hope and reflection, this event is a chance to celebrate Achiezer's tremendous accomplishments on behalf of the community and to pay tribute to our community's heroes.

On Sunday, February 28th 2016, our community will once again join at the Sands Atlantic Beach in support of this trailblazing organization that unites us all together.

Building upon the previous dinner's theme, this annual dinner will be a tribute to our community's heroes. Because We Are ALL Achiezer. Each and every one of us plays a vital supporting role in contributing our part to create one community, with one heart.

Achiezer is an organization of real people and real community members, uniting in sight of a greater vision and coming together to help each other in times of need.

Our esteemed dinner honorees are devoted individuals who dedicate every minute of their lives to service the community:

Shlomo and Raizy Hackel, Guests of Honor; Honorable Ben Weinstock, Mayor of the Village of Cedarhurst, Man of the Year; Dr. Deborah Dienstag, Esteemed Physician Appreciation Awardee; and Eliahu and Chaia Frishman, Community Service Awardees.

When Shlomo and Raizy Hackel spent time in the hospital with a close family member, there was no kosher food or respite room available. When Raizy found out that Achiezer was taking on an initiative, to supply local hospitals with fresh food and a quiet place to rest, she knew she wanted to take part in it. Since then, she has faithfully restocked the South Nassau Achiezer Kosher Respite Room each week. Says Raizy, "I am happy that my entire family has become involved with Achiezer - to experience the beauty of an organization with a network of volunteers and millions of moving parts."

Honorable Ben Weinstock has spent the better part of the last 25 years in municipal affairs, anticipating the community's every need. As Mayor of the Village of Cedarhurst, he's the man that oversees all its expenditures, negotiations, agreements and disaster preparedness, among countless other responsibilities. Yet, no task is too small for the Mayor; he keeps his finger on the pulse of the minute day-to-day problems that arise, often collaborating with Achiezer in service of the community. Says the Mayor, "Achiezer is the first, last and middle resort for so many members of the community. I've always supported anything and everything Achiezer does; it's an organization our community is lucky to have."

Dr. Deborah Dienstag plays many roles, as pediatrician, community activist, parent and grandmother. Through her large, multi-generational practice in the community for more than 30 years, she has become very closely connected with the community and its needs. When Achiezer first began, Rabbi Boruch Ber Bender consulted with Dr. Dienstag. She suggested that Achiezer form a medical referral network to help people locate and secure the top specialists. Dr. Dienstag is constantly in close contact with Achiezer, seeking advice on medical referrals and offering her assistance in community endeavors.

Eliahu and Chaia Frishman, longstanding Achiezer volunteers, have been with Achiezer from its inception. As the owners of Fruit Platters and More, they often provide Achiezer with cut fruits and salads for families spending Shabbos in the hospital. The Frishmans also volunteer to drive home-bound people to appointments, provide pro bono writing services for Achiezer publications and serve as advisors for the financial management department, helping those who need budgeting advice.The trickle-down of chessed prompted their 17 year-old son, Efraim Shalom, to teach himself to read Megillas Esther so he can help Achiezer lein for the home-bound and inspired their 15 year-old daughter Shoshana to volunteer with children who have special needs.

The everyday acts of these ordinary people are what truly makes this organization so extraordinary.

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