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Eldercare II: Achiezer Gears Up for Massive Eldercare Conference
September 30, 2014

After three years of steady requests ("When are you going to do another one?!"), Achiezer has finally announced the upcoming presentation of Eldercare II, an eldercare conference designed to address the issues and questions facing our community today. Slated for December, the conference will be even bigger, even better, and even more comprehensive than its highly successful predecessor in 2011.

"Eldercare is becoming a bigger and bigger issue for our community," explains Rabbi Boruch Ber Bender. "More and more people are looking ahead to the future, and asking themselves about the smartest options for themselves and their parents as they face the years ahead. Some of those people are caregivers already, who are already in the thick of handling major issues with regards to the care of their elderly parents. Others are simply mature adults who want to know that they've done their utmost to wisely and responsibly plan for financial and medical futures, whether their own or their parents'."

The conference program has arisen largely in response to the hundreds of eldercare-related questions that Achiezer fields on a regular basis. The world of eldercare is a confusing one, fraught with details and intricacies that all must be understood and properly navigated in order to achieve the best results. Achiezer has pulled together an incredible roster of experts which will address a broad array of issues from a variety of angles, including finance, rehabilitation, insurance, law, Halacha, psychiatric health, end-of-life, and living arrangements. The conference will also feature numerous pavilions showcasing products and services designed for eldercare, including managed care, home health, rehabilitation, accessibility, safety, medicine, insurance, emotional support, Chessed organizations, and government programs.

With everything that the conference has to offer, perhaps the most valuable aspect is that of bringing our community clear-cut guidance on every aspect of eldercare, enabling everyone in our community to truly give our senior population the best care possible.


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