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FEMA Meeting at Achiezer Office
November 29, 2012

Achiezer hosted a post-Sandy recovery conference on Thursday, November 29th, featuring Ernie Abbott, Esq. As former General Council to the United States for FEMA, Mr. Abbott is the top FEMA lawyer in the country, specializing in institutions, synagogues, and non-profits. Attending the conference were representatives from virtually every storm-struck religious community, including Bayswater, Belle Harbor, Cedarhurst, Far Rockaway, Inwood, Long Beach, Oceanside, and Woodmere.

The audience listened with rapt attention for over an hour, as Mr. Abbott shared detailed, practical guidance in navigating complex FEMA regulations to derive the maximum benefit for the community. The presentation was followed by a lively question-answer session, as well as a personal meeting between Mr. Abbott and Rabbi Mordechai Kruger, representing the particularly hard-hit community of Bayswater. In the words of one attendee, Mr. Abbott "was the first one who legitimately knew it all."

Achiezer extends its thanks to Rabbi Ben Zion Chait, formerly of Florida, who connected Achiezer with Mr. Abbott, and who has used his repository of experience with hurricane recovery in Florida to assist our communities throughout the recovery process.


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